Godox SL-60W

Godox SL60W Unboxing and the First Impression

I had been using my Godox AD600 battery-powered strobe for recording my vlogs in my home studio. Yes, you are right I have been using its bare-bulb along with its extension that is H600, and using this setup I recorded around 8 personal vlogs. I know that it is not a good idea to use AD600 modeling light as a video light since AD600 LED is obscured by the flash tube and its not even a very good modeling light. So I decided to buy a dedicated video light and in the end, I went for Godox SL-60W.

So in this vlog, you will find the unboxing and the first impression of Godox video light SL60W. I have also tried to explain the benefits of continuous light in this vlog. After watching this vlog you will get an idea that how much this LED-based strobe light is powerful. It is one of the best budget video lights available in the market with a back LCD panel. For further details about this light, SL60W watch this vlog till the end.