vjoy car obd2 reader

Best Budget Car obd2 Monitoring Device

A few days back I recorded a vlog about the scanguage car monitor device which is a great premium obd2 reader compact auto device, you can find more details about it here on my site in blog section. Anyways some of my friends asked me to share something similar but it should be less expensive for those who can’t afford a 150$ car device in Pakistan. So I decided to make another vlog about the similar kind of car obd2 reader device but its Chinese made scanner and it shows the key readings on a small monitor. I really like this rounded shape digital meter with RPM gauges on it and it is suitable for those who don’t have the car with RPM meter.

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sunrise photography

How to Photograph Sunrise at the Rawal Lake in Islamabad

In this episode, we tried to explain how to do early sun rise photography with techniques using long exposures and filters to get impressive results. You can consider this vlog as a Tutorial as well since it has some very useful information about the professional gear we used to capture the sunrise moment at the Rawal Lake, Islamabad.

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ScanGaugeII, the Real-time Car Monitoring Device

This vlog is all about ScanGaugeII, the real-time car monitoring device. I have used it with my Honda City car since I was badly in need of a real-time heat gauge so I ordered it on Amazon UK website and requested someone to bring it in Pakistan. I used it a lot and observed all the readings coming from directly car OBD2 port and it impressed me. The build quality and the performance of this car monitoring device is fantastic.

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