Kavaan and Saheli photo

Kaavan and Saheli – Once upon a time at Marghazar zoo

Last night I was watching on news that how the lonely elephant Kaavan left Pakistan and reached his new destination somewhere in Cambodia, where he will be kept free in a 10-acre of the area which seems an excellent plan for Kaavan. He has lived his early age of 33 years in Pakistan and had a wonderful time with his companion Saheli.

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Product Photography

Product Photography Setup for Amazon

Recently I have done the product based photography project for an Amazon seller. My client shared with me the 14 pieces of fake succulents with the guidelines that how these artificial plants needed to be captured for the online Amazon store. He wanted 1 photo composition with all these pieces with the white background and 2 more photo compositions with their respective dimensions for each piece. So the end buyer can easily understand the product quality and dimensions in more than 3K final resolutions which are normally shown to the visitors in a website magnifying viewer whenever a visitor rollover the mouse on the product thumb image. Also, around 4-5 lifestyle images of the succulents were also required to upload along with the other photos so in that way a potential buyer could have a better idea that how exactly those fake artificial plants and flowers would look like at the real spots in our homes or offices.

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Trail 5 sign

Wedding Photography as a Career and Lesson Learned from COVID-19

In this vlog, there is an interesting discussion with a local wedding photography expert – Haris Sheraz about his profession and how he chose wedding photography as a career since he has become a full-time wedding photographer. We met at the lovely spot along Trail 5 Islamabad, this chat is basically an Introduction to Wedding Photography and what lesson have we photographers learned so far from COVID-19 lockdown, initially what photography gear is required to start this profession of wedding photography in Pakistan and what photo editing tools we need to learn for wedding post-processing jobs.

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sunrise photography

How to Photograph Sunrise at the Rawal Lake in Islamabad

In this episode, we tried to explain how to do early sun rise photography with techniques using long exposures and filters to get impressive results. You can consider this vlog as a Tutorial as well since it has some very useful information about the professional gear we used to capture the sunrise moment at the Rawal Lake, Islamabad.

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Behind The Scenes

The Behind-The-Scenes Video of the Women Clothing Photoshoot

A client from Bahria Town Rawalpindi wanted us to shoot some of their new catalog collection photos at their location, we reached there with all our photography equipment and captured the photos of their products with and without a model as per their requirements. Client wanted us to capture all photos with the White background so we used the white backdrop along with two Godox lights setup along with their soft boxes.

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PakWheels Auto Show Islamabad

I got a chance to visit PakWheels auto show Islamabad at the Lake view park. I went their early in the morning and stayed there around 30 minutes with my lovely canon crop body 60D along with the best canon general-purpose lens 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM. This lens has great Autofocus performance and it is known as the L glass lens for canon crop bodies due to its excellent picture quality. I always personally recommend people who own any canon crop body should try this lens or the other wonderful piece of glass 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM. They both are great lens with very useful focal ranges and have the best value for the money.

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