Convert Canon F4L lens into F2.8L on M50

This vlog is about a Viltrox speed booster adapter that how it reduces the focal length by 0.71x and how it provides an extra f-stop with the full-frame lens on the Canon M50 mirrorless crop body. Also by mounting it, one can achieve functions of AF(autofocus) and adjustable aperture, etc. This Viltrox adapter can convert your EF lens like 24-105 F4L into F2.8L, similarly, you can use your other lenses like EF 50mm F1.8 lens as a 50mm F1.2 lens. If you cannot afford to buy canon expensive lenses like EF 27-70 2.8L or any last 50mm prime of the L series, then you should definitely try this adapter with less expensive canon full-frame lenses on the crop body. In this way, your lens will become faster and you can enjoy a more shallow depth of field in your photos.

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weebill lab photo

Zhiyun Weebill Lab Review with Sample Videos

Here is a very quick straightforward review of Zhiyun Weebill Lab 3-Axis gimbal, I tried to share my observations in simple words so any non-technical person can also understand that how gimbals are used in the video projects and for what purposes one can use them. I recently got a chance to use this gimbal for 2 days with my family and I made 2 sample videos using it. These two videos are like B-roll footage, I hardly spent 20-30 minutes to capture the RAW clips then I selected audio tracks and edited those RAW videos accordingly. So do not forget to watch those small clips at the end of this vlog.

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