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Wedding Photography as a Career and Lesson Learned from COVID-19

In this vlog, there is an interesting discussion with a local wedding photography expert – Haris Sheraz about his profession and how he chose wedding photography as a career since he has become a full-time wedding photographer. We met at the lovely spot along Trail 5 Islamabad, this chat is basically an Introduction to Wedding Photography and what lesson have we photographers learned so far from COVID-19 lockdown, initially what photography gear is required to start this profession of wedding photography in Pakistan and what photo editing tools we need to learn for wedding post-processing jobs.

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Best Budget Vlogging Tripod and Monopod Options

I started vlogging during COVID-19 lockdown and Manfroto Pixi Plus was my first lovely mini tripod which I used with the Canon crop body to start recording videos. I still love my Pixi, it’s a great, lovely and unique tripod with the solid build quality. After recording few initial videos, I felt the need of the second camera view other than my main video camera setup, so I decided to try my mobile camera as a second video recording camera while recording vlogs in my home studio and for this purpose I needed a mobile adapter which I could attach on any light stand along with a mobile phone. In search of that mobile adapter, I went to a camera shop where I found the Jmary MT-25, a flexible mini tripod, and I was told that a mobile adapter was included in the package.

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