My First Vlog

I have an empty room in my house where I place most of my photography gear so this is where I decided to do some personal projects and this time it’s all about vlogging, during COVID-19 lockdown I decided to start vlogging. This is an experiment right now — I just tried to share a little introduction about myself.

My plan is to make these video clips once every one or two weeks, and if I see any decent amount of youtube views or subscribers, I will take this activity more seriously since it also requires time and dedication. It becomes very difficult to allocate time for extra activities when you have a family. Do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for all my latest vlog clips. My plan is to share anything via vlogging it may be related to photography, technology, gadgets, or any positive thing happening around me and I want to target my local audience, therefore, these vlogs will be in local Urdu language.