Best Budget Vlogging Tripod and Monopod Options

I started vlogging during COVID-19 lockdown and Manfroto Pixi Plus was my first lovely mini tripod which I used with the Canon crop body to start recording videos. I still love my Pixi, it’s a great, lovely and unique tripod with the solid build quality. After recording few initial videos, I felt the need of the second camera view other than my main video camera setup, so I decided to try my mobile camera as a second video recording camera while recording vlogs in my home studio and for this purpose I needed a mobile adapter which I could attach on any light stand along with a mobile phone. In search of that mobile adapter, I went to a camera shop where I found the Jmary MT-25, a flexible mini tripod, and I was told that a mobile adapter was included in the package.

Jmary’s price was attractive so I went for that deal. I think instead of buying a solo mobile adapter one should find a budget mini tripod like MT-25 along with a mobile adapter accessory in the package, in this way you will also get an additional tripod in your vlogging gear which you can keep as a backup tripod in your gear bag.

Similarly one day I was studying online about B roll shots and I found them very interesting. For that purpose I started my research on some fluid heads options for a tripod, my plan was to start working on B roll panning shots for my vlogs and when I was searching for the fluid head I found an online review about Yunteng VCT-288 Monopod. This product attracted me so much because it was a really lightweight monopod with already attached with its own fluid head module. Price was also low as compare to other monopod options and deep inside me I had a strong feeling of using a monopod for vlogging purpose as well, like any tripod monopod is also extendable and you can have a much wider and broader view if you attach your camera device on it, you can increase the length of monopod as you want according to your requirement. So I decided to buy it for the two reasons, first, it has the fluid head which I can use for making simple B roll panning shots, and secondly, it’s an extendable lightweight monopod which is very useful while doing outdoor solo video projects.

So this vlog is all about this 3 videography equipment Manfroto Pixi Plus tripod, Jmary MT-25 flexible tripod, and the Yunteng VCT-288 Monopod.