2D Character Rigging Workflow Overview in Toon Boom Studio

Hi guys! I finally got some free time to post overview of rigging process of 2D character using Toon Boom products. I did a quick example of a little boy walking and then kicking the soccer ball and it is without clean up steps just to get idea that how it works in cut-out animation. Convert all your character's sketches into vector form, create cutouts according to target animation. In the end add pegs and arrange them properly so each drawing element appears on its correct position with their peg layers. You can also move elements back and forth along Z axis which is more advance way to adjust different parts of your character. Normally you setup the order of character levels in the view that you think you will use the most, for example the 3/4 view is the most used in cartoons. Once your rigging with all the pegs are OK in quarter view then you can create a key frame where you will reposition in Z the different parts of your character by pushing it just a bit with Z axis. After you have all the views you want front, side, 3/4, back you create a master key frames, you create individual poses from the key frame Front, the key frame side, key frame 3/4, etc. just by selecting the collapsed key frame in the timeline and save it into library panel. It really helps when you start a new scene that you want to animate you will require just drag and drop of your character's master key first, then you can place other poses as well in similar way from the Template library. Not only views you can do the same if it was an Action, like a Walk Cycle. Just take the frames from the timeline and drop them in the template library. Now if you want to create extra drawings of hands, feet, mouth, eyes etc.. you can add them in the master rigging scene and recreate a new master rigging template with the extra drawings in there.