2D Cartoon Character Walkcyle Animation Tutorial Using Toon Boom Studio 5.0

About 5 years ago when I was learning cartoon animation and was trying to figure out that how the heck are all these characters walking so beautifully ,to find out the concept behind it I visited so many websites and checked all tutorials explaining this walkcyle animation but I couldn' t get the answers of all my questions. So today I am here about to show you what your teachers or seniors wouldn't..This tutorial is meant for 3D and 2D characters rigged for cut-out animation. Getting your own character to walk is the most important part of animation and sometimes it is not as simple as it sounds, I tried to show you here a generic walk cycle without much Clean-up steps.

This tutorial assumes that you have a basic understanding of application Toon Boom Studio and tools / key animation terms like transform tool, pivot point, camera view, layers, pegs, key frames, constant key frames, tweening, contact key pose, passing key pose etc.. The time period of this tutorial was more than an hour recorded in 2 sessions I almost slept in the middle of demonstrating..XD also youtube and other video hosting portals don't allow to upload larger files so for the sake of file size I cut it down from the end to make it eligible for most of the hosting video servers but it's still HD video and I am also thinking about hosting it on my own hosting server..