drupal 6 minor update

This February Drupal core security updates were released not only for version 6 but also for version 7. Today I want to share my experience of running these updates on a Drupal 6 site and here I will explain this whole procedure in just 10 steps in the order and may be some of the points which I am going to share here you won’t find them in UPGRADE.txt file...

I have experience of working with a professional Online Marketing Manager and luckily I have learnt a lot of new things about Search Engine Optimization – SEO, today I am trying to summaries them in just 2 paragraphs and categorize them as On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO...
rigged character

Hi guys! I finally got some free time to post overview of rigging process of 2D character using Toon Boom products. I did a quick example of a little boy walking and then kicking the soccer ball and it is without clean up steps just to get idea that how it works in cut-out animation.


About 5 years ago when I was learning cartoon animation and was trying to figure out that how the heck are all these characters walking so beautifully ,to find out the concept behind it I visited so many websites and checked all tutorials explaining this walkcyle animation but I couldn' t get the answers of all my questions.

Umro Ayar

I remember most of my early teenage years were spent on reading novels full of action and suspense written by some of our great local language Urdu writers Ishtiak Ahmed, Mazher Kaleem.. especially in hot days of summer vacations we kids used to share all novels and Taleem-O-Tarbiate magazines with each other.

animation reel

This reel sums up my (old) 2d cutout works. I still feel proud of it even though it' s more than 2 years old now. These are few most memorable animation sequences during my early career years..

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